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Village visit to Flood affected area

15 Nov

Morning at 7.00 am we left the hostel. The objective of our visit is to assess the people who are really affected by the flood and to give water filter and some eatable items to 100 families. First we visited Tahashildar office and met Mrs. Renukamba thahashildar of Gadag. We asked her about the most flood affected area. She said that relief fund is provided by different organizations and people got sufficient fund. She also said that people got benefits from different organizations.

First we visited a village in Gadag. There we spoke with the people and they said that there are more than 100 people who affected by flood and they got sufficient benefits from different people. They also suggested that Kurdikoppa is a small village it also affected by the flood and people not get sufficient benefits. So, we decided to visit the village.

When we visited the village there no people resided there. Only a few people were seen here and there. Then we spoke to the people they said that all people were shifted to the nearby school as their houses are ruined because of the flood. We visited all the houses. Houses were ruined and some of the houses were wet. Most of the grains which they kept as a stock were spoiled. Then we visited the agriculture field. The crops were spoiled. Farmers lost all the things which they farmed. They mentally disturbed that they do not have the courage to get another yield. Then we said to the village member to bring the name list of those who affected by the flood. Then other staff members came to distribute the stuff.  Then all fellows distributed the stuff and went back.