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Pre training

18 Oct

Deshpande fellowship program will consists of 2 periods one is pre training and the other continued by the fellowship. The pre training will be for 45 days and the fellowship will be for 6 months. The pre training period mainly focuses on improving the English soft skills and technology of the fellows. If the fellow reaches the estimated improvement in his/her performance he will be qualified to the fellowship. Now I am sharing my experience in Deshpande fellowship Program during pre-training period. During pre-training period the group is divided into 2. Each group had separate class. Daily we had 2 classes. Morning on English and afternoon on Technology. For English Ms. Liz conn from USA was the mentor and for technology Mr. Badarinath, Mr. Venugopal and Mr. Badari narayan burli were the mentors.

English: In English class the main focus was given to both technical writing skill and spoken English. It also focused on improving the presentation skills of the fellows. The main module dealt on English was:

Technical writings on:

• Essay writing

• Auto biography

• Topic sentence writing

• Thesis statement

• Media write up

• Case study on an organization

• Cover letter

Presentations on:

• Self introduction

• Memorable experience

• Debatable topic

• Elevator pitch

• Presentation on interested topic

• Research on projects


• Parts of speech

• Articles

• Preposition

• Verb tenses

• Run on sentences

• Fragment sentences

• Active voice and passive voice

• Vocabulary

These are the main thing which I studied in English during my pre – training period.



In pre training period the focus was also given to improve our technological skills. Each fellow were provided laptops. The technology module specially dealt the on followings:

  • Introduction to Computers – Hardware and Software
  • Control  Panel
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Zipping
  • Microsoft Word
  • Effective e-mailing
  • Blogs
  • Google Tools
  • Wiki
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Online networking
  • Movie Making
  • Flyer making( publisher)
  • Power point

These were the some of the topics which I learnt during my pre training period.

Assignments were given on both modules. Fellows supposed to submit the assignment on time. It was helpful to us to have good time management skill and to improve multitasking skills.