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Extended Village Study

25 Oct

My Experience:

First we visited the AME Foundation in Veerapura. There we met Shettappa, Mayachri and Nagaraj. We introduced ourselves and they gave introduction on AME Foundation. AME Foundation works for agriculture and it helps to farmers to reduce the use of Non – organic farming and encourages to adopt organic farming. Through Farmers Field School (FFS) they make the farmers to learn themselves regarding organic farming.

Then along with Settappa and Mayachari we went to the village. There they introduced us the house owner in which house we supposed to stay. Then we went for transect walk to the village. First we visited the field. As per my observation most of them cultivated paddy, Jower and Soya. Then we visited the village and spoke to the villagers by visiting house to house. There I am able to collect the basic information about the village.

Then we came back to the home and had lunch. After lunch we started our study. First house we went with settappa. He introduced us to the house owner. There we collected the relevant information with the help of owner and his wife. There we also came to know that their son Mr. Sanjeev also the member of AME. Then we realized that some modification is needed in our questionnaire. So, we made correction with the help of Mayachari. With the help of we able to collect the data from 3o different houses that is 10 each house from small, medium and large farmers respectively.

After the study we visited the field which owned by Mr. Sanjeev. There we saw the different crops that are paddy, jower, soya, and groundnut. Then discussed about the problems faced by the farmers.

Comparative study on Income and Expenditure of agriculture family in Kurdikere village


In our previous village study we observed that the expenditure of the farmers is more than their expenditure. Even though they get good income comparative to their expenditure it is less. Kurdikere is a village which consists of 150 houses and around 650 people are residing in this village. Majority of the people are based on agriculture as occupation. It is not an irrigated village. Villagers are dependent on lake and rain for agriculture.

As farmers based on maansoon for cultivation some time they face heavy rain fall and some time no rain fall means draught. So this condition forces them to take loan and they face difficult to repay it. They are taking loan at high interest also. Another problem faced by the farmer that they don’t get laborers to work in the field and wage paid them is also high.

About the topic:

Comparative study on Income and Expenditure of agriculture family in Kurdikere village mainly concentrates on studying the income and expenditure of the farmers that is large, medium and small. The main objective of the study to find out the reason for increase in expenditure level as compare to the income of the farmers.


  • To study the income and expenditure of agricultural family in the village.


  • The expenditure is more compared to the income of the farmers


  • Sampling method: Random sampling method
  • Sample size: 30 samples; 10 samples from each class of family that is large, medium and small farmers
  • Sampling area: Kurdikere village
  • Data collection: Data collection is based on primary data. It is collected through both questionnaire and interview method
  • Questionnaire method: Both open ended and closed ended questions are used to collect the data


  • Villagers they will earn more than 20000 rupees from paddy, but they are spending 16000 rupees for fertilizers, seeds, labors and other things. Other amount they spend for other expenditure like education, personal expenses and for home.
  • They are not able to save the money
  • Most of the farmers using the chemical fertilizers which are costly compare to bio fertilizers.
  • They are paying high wage to the laborers.
  • Villagers spend money for unnecessary expenditures like marriage and other social functions.
  • They also face natural calamities frequently.
  • The government schemes also not reaching properly to formers.


According to our study the expenditure of the farmers is more than their income. The reason behind this is they spending more money on chemical fertilizers and on labor charge. Another point is they are spending their money on social entertainments like marriage and other functions without considering their economic condition. Natural calamity also plays an important role in this.


  • We learnt the different expenditures which comes under agriculture
  • This extended village study helped to know about the theory of expenses in agriculture
  • We learnt different stages in agriculture
  • Learnt about agriculture in deep
  • Learnt how to approach the people
  • Learnt how to collect informative data from the people
  • Learnt to effective communication skills


  • After the study came to know that the expenditure spends to the marriage and other function is one of the reasons for their loss in agriculture.
  • Some villagers are using the modern method of agriculture cropping system.


The study gives the result that farmers get profit out of agriculture. But as they spending money on other social functions the expenditure is more than the income. The outcome of the result is expenditure is more compare to the income of the farmers.

Village Study, Deshpande Fellowship Program